The following testimonials were provided by clients or workshop participants.  Their right to privacy is protected by the use of pseudonyms. 

“When I approached Fiona for art therapy sessions I was in a bad place psychologically.  I’d endured 3 intense years of sickness before finally receiving a cancer diagnosis.  After 6 months of difficult treatment I’d reached a point of despair.  Conventional psychological approaches did not help.  Fiona’s approach was wonderful – gentle, caring and understanding.  It gave me the chance to express all the turmoil in my head without always having to use words.  Art was a way to express what I couldn’t or didn’t want to say.  My thoughts and feelings materialised as paintings, sculptures and collages.   Each session had a profound effect on my well-being in a way I couldn’t have predicted nor have believed. For me, art therapy combined with meditation, were my saviours. I would highly recommend Fiona’s approach to art therapy counselling”.                                                                    Emily 

“The most helpful aspect of the Self Care Art Therapy workshop for me was getting clarity around the swirling thoughts and emotions that enter my daily work. I now have a sense of being able to move forward in a more positive way.”                                                                 Clare

” The workshop helped me learn that by expressing my challenges in creative ways I could reframe my perspective.  The time to create, reflect and listen was important.”                                                                Lani

“The workshop was excellent.  It was well structured, very professional and educative.  I enjoyed it!”    Sue

“Fiona’s facilitation of the Art Therapy workshop was very respectful.  She was very present, warm and centred.”                                                             Kerry


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