Family Therapy

Serious illness and the challenges of adjustment after treatment can touch the lives of everyone in the family.

As a family you may be struggling with:

  • talking to your child/children about the changes in your family since Mum or Dad’s diagnosis and treatment
  • changes in your child’s behaviour, such as being clingy or impulsive
  • changes in your teen’s behaviour, such as being angry, distant or withdrawn
  • communicating your needs and listening to each other
  • changing roles

The major benefit of family therapy is that it helps your family talk with each other. In the face of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, this isn’t always easy to do by yourselves.

Family therapy can help you to:

  • improve your communications skills as a family so that you can explore things that might be challenging , yet remain open, connected and supportive of each other
  • learn to manage strong emotions such as guilt, anger, sadness, fear or anxiety so that all of you have a way of expressing your feelings safely and respectfully
  • utilize your family’s strengths and resources in order to meet the challenges that you face with confidence and hope for the future
  • move from a “problem” focus to a “we can” focus as you learn new coping skills and positive ways to communicate with each other

Family therapy sessions are 75 minutes.

Does your family want to grow through challenges and stay connected with each other?

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