Sydney Art Therapy & Counselling Services

I offer a range of counselling and art therapy services from my office in Sydney, NSW.

Individual Therapy

Your cancer treatment might be finished, but you may feel surprised by how low you feel. Your heart and mind have been through so much. A one-to-one session can be an opportunity to talk openly about any thoughts and feelings that you have about your life after cancer.

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Family Therapy

Cancer doesn’t just impact individuals, it can also affect partners and children. Getting help to learn about good communication and ways to foster supportive relationships in your family during challenging times can be very helpful.

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If you’re dealing with the transition from illness to recovery, you know that sometimes it feels like coming back to another planet. A therapeutic group can help. Getting together with others facing similar challenges can make a real difference. I offer  groups for cancer survivors, partners and children.

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I provide individual supervision for art therapy students and qualified art therapists.  Professional supervision provides an opportunity to review and reflect on your work in order to do it better. It’s a process of enhancing your self-awareness and making a commitment to professional development.

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Consultation with Health Organisations

(a) For cancer outpatients and carers

In recognition of a growing commitment to holistic patient care, many hospital and community based cancer support organisations seek creative processes to enhance patient health and well-being. I have developed and facilitated art therapy groups and workshops for many oncology departments including Royal North Shore and St George hospitals, as well as Lifeforce Cancer Foundation and Cancer Council NSW.

(b) For health professionals

Working with people whose lives have been affected by cancer can be emotionally challenging. It’s crucial that people in the helping professions such as social workers, counsellors, clinical psychologists and nurses, consider their own self-care. This is essential in the work of caring for patients. I offer professional development opportunities for health professionals that engage hearts and minds in thoughtful and creative enquiry about their work.

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Initial session

It’s quite normal to feel a bit nervous about your first session or to be wondering how you might start talking about the issues you face. It can be helpful to know what to expect, so here’s a brief outline.

You will be welcomed into a safe and non-judgemental space that is dedicated to helping you on your journey of recovery from cancer.

I will work with you to gain an understanding of your needs and goals. With support and encouragement you’ll be invited to explore the art materials and see how they work. This is an engaging and playful process that I facilitate which helps dispel ‘beginner butterflies’.

Fairly quickly you’ll get a feel for the creative process and how it’s possible to convey your unique experiences with simple marks, shapes and colours. People often report a sense of relief. It’s much easier than they thought! Throughout the session I like to check in with you to make sure we are thinking and talking about things that are important to you.

The very act of creating something with your own hands, that ‘speaks’ about your life, can be a very affirming, insightful and healing experience.

Length of therapy

Every person and every family has different needs. The length of therapy is dependent on the issue you seek support for, as well as the willingness and motivation you have to explore change.

The therapy process may take a shorter or a longer time, but it is likely to take much less time than if you tried to do the work all by yourself. You’ll find that the benefits are worth the effort.

Together we can discuss the frequency of your therapy sessions, based on your needs and schedule. In my experience, the clients who attend weekly have the most positive outcomes and sustain the changes they make in therapy.

Are you ready to take the first step for creating a life beyond cancer?

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