My Approach

I believe that we are born creative.  Every single one of us. Including you.

And that in times of trouble or pain, art and creativity can be a guiding light through the darkness.

Art therapy is the use of art making in a therapeutic context to help you explore thoughts, feelings and issues of concern.  You do not need to be an artist to benefit.

I work from a strengths based perspective. This means that I help you uncover personal strengths and qualities that you can draw upon as sources of motivation and optimism. It’s important to me that the counselling relationship is bringing about the changes you desire.

My approach is to involve clients collaboratively in monitoring progress towards their goals. This means you are getting the best possible help for your unique circumstances.

Art therapy works. Research indicates that art therapy improves quality of life for cancer patients through reductions in symptoms of anxiety, depression and pain. Emotions are stored in the non-verbal part of the brain and they can be hard to access and put into words.

Art therapy gives you the tools to express yourself. I’m here to help you:

• Learn strategies to soothe the emotions of cancer survival and start to live your life
• Develop open lines of communication with loved ones so you feel connected again
• Explore creative ways to tame your fears so you regain your confidence
• Participate in gentle and nurturing creative processes that will help you heal from loss and grief

The art you create in art therapy can offer you surprising ideas and solutions to life’s challenges, both big and small.

What can you expect? First up, it’s not an art lesson. That’s a relief!

There’ll be time for talking and art making. Sometimes you may not want to make art and that’s fine, too. There are comfy chairs and a table for drawing, painting, collage or working with clay. After some initial conversation we might try out some of the art materials to see how they work. It’s a playful process that helps you relax and build confidence.

You may participate in a simple, guided art making process. There’ll be time to discuss any links with your life.

Art therapy invites you to ‘make something’ of your life and see it in front of you – in the artwork. It might be an experience, a feeling or a heartfelt wish. It’s visible and tangible and it can quickly shift you to a moment of insight or understanding about your situation.

Art therapy can light a creative spark in your heart and inspire you to build the life you want to live.