Did cancer hit you like a storm?

Before cancer, you’re driving along on cruise control and life doesn’t feel too bad.

Out of nowhere, everything suddenly changes and before you know it, you’re in the middle of a very frightening storm. It’s cancer!

After the shock of your diagnosis and the long haul of treatment, you’re apparently good to go.  Family and friends are relieved it’s all over and they’re ready to move on.  There’s an unspoken expectation that everything can get back to normal.

Back to normal after cancer? What does that look like?

While you seem ok on the outside, you know that the inside needs some tender loving care.  You may feel lost, alone or just out of sorts.

Coping with life after cancer can be tough.  Whether it’s been days, months or years since your treatment finished, the emotional readjustment after cancer can reverberate throughout your personal and family life.

Since the end of your treatment you may be experiencing:

• Episodes of intense and distressing feelings
• Concerns about your relationships
• Fears about your cancer returning
• Symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression

All of these experiences are normal when you face a life-threatening illness.  You are not alone!

Research has found that 20%–35% of cancer patients experience depression.

You may have tried all sorts of things to help you cope, but what you want, more than anything else, is just to feel better, lighter, more hopeful.

“I have battled with depression for many years and this became worse during my treatment.  Art therapy lifted my spirits in ways I never expected.  It really helped me see where I was stuck and what was needed so I could get on with my life.  For me, art therapy has been a cloud chaser.”

Art + creativity within therapy can help you to:

• Get unstuck and move on in your life
• Express your emotions and feel better
• Alleviate symptoms of depression
• Reduce stress and unwind
• Communicate your experience and connect with others

I’m a Sydney art therapist and counsellor.  I’m passionate about working with cancer survivors as they uncover hope, increase joy and discover what really matters in their life.

I use a proven and effective methodology called Art Therapy.  Creative, therapeutic processes can help you cope with the challenges of recovery, as well as inspire you to create a life that you love.

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“Art therapy has renewed a sense of joy about the simple things.  Reflecting on my life in creative ways has given me confidence and inspiration to move forward, which I would not have gained in any other way.”